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Daily Status Reports
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1) Abstract Report on Drinking Water Supply Status 9) Status of Quality Testing
2) Status of Drinking Water Supply (Main Report) 10) Status of Water Borne Diseases
3) Status of Daily Water Supply(Surface) 11) Period of Sustainability
4) Status of Borewells 12) Deficit Report
5) Status of Pipelines 13) Comparison of Today's Water Supply with that of Previous Year
6) Frequency of Supply 14)Ward Wise Frequency of Supply
7) Transportation of Water 15)Water Supply Status
8) General Abstract 16) Assesment Report
17) S.S.Tank details Report
Sl. No Frequency No.of ULBs Colors
1 Twice In a Day 16
2 Once In a Day 40
3 Once In Two Days 20
4 Once in five days and above 0
5 Data not entered 44

Water Supply Status in Graphs

Water Supply Status in Graphs/Bar Charts

Sl. No LPCD No.of ULBs Colors
1 More Than 135 LPCD 12
2 Between 70 to 135 LPCD 47
3 Less Than 70 LPCD 61

Daily Status Reports
Daily Status Reports
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